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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can I contact if I have a customer support question?

Please open a support ticket on our helpdesk at  Your inquiry will normally be responded to within 24 hours by our Customer Support Department.


I receive the weekly newsletter, so why doesn't the forum recognize my email address?

The Secret Recipe Forum is a separate registration from the newsletter. To quickly register and get your username & password go to:


I lost my password for the forum?

To retrieve your password go to:


I ordered the downloadable cookbook but I really wanted the hard copy print version.

We will ship the book to you if you have a valid Order Confirmation Number from our payment processor Clickbank. You only pay shipping and handling at:



If I order the digital downloadable cookbook will it be shipped to me?

No, the digital cookbook is a PDF file delivered to your PC via electronic download. 

You can save it to your files and print the cookbook pages individually.


Where can I order your physical cookbooks?

You can order them at go to:


How long does it take for the cookbook to be shipped?  How can I track my order?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  You will receive an email confirmation with delivery tracking information when it is shipped out.


Do you accept payment by check?

Yes, we accept both credit card and online check through our "Click Here to Order Now" link.


Can I make a payment through the mail?

Yes, you can.


You have a 60-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the product?

Yes, you can receive a refund at anytime within 60 days of your purchase. Submit a refund request by opening a ticket at


I received a charge from ClickBank/Kenetics on my account statement.

Clickbank is our secure third party payment processor. When you order our product, the payment is process through Clickbank/Kenetics.


I downloaded the files but I can't open them.

The downloadable cookbooks are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and view them. Acrobat Reader is a free application and comes standard on most computers. Download the latest version of Acrobat Reader for free at:


I downloaded the files but I can't remember where I saved them.

After every order, each customer is sent an email with the URL for the download page. You can go back to the download page and download the product again. Please remember where on your computer you save the files.  If you still experience difficulties, you can open a customer support ticket at .


If I subscribe to your Recipe Secrets Newsletter is my email address safe?

Yes, absolutely. We respect your privacy and never rent, sell, or share your email address with anyone. Please see our legally binding privacy policy for more details:


I heard good things about your weekly newsletter, how do I subscribe for free?

Easy - Click Here and enter your name and email in the form.


Will I be charged for the newsletter?

No, there is no charge for our free newsletter.


How often is the newsletter distributed?

The newsletter is distributed once or twice per week.


How do I discontinue receiving the newsletter and opt out?

Each email contains a link allowing you to easily opt out and automatically remove your name from the list. We are legally binded by the CAN SPAM Act to fully honor all opt out requests.


Where can I get additional free recipes?

There are hundreds of free recipes submitted by our online community available in our Recipe Secrets Forum. Go to: . You can easily search for recipes by category or ingredient by using the "Search" link on the top menu bar of the forum.


My boyfriend left me after he tasted my cooking.  What should I do?

Sweetie, he should be happy that someone was willing to cook for a loser like him.  Consider yourself lucky and move on. 

However, if he is rich - forget everything I just said, buy the Secret Recipe Cookbooks right now and put them to use.






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