Adult Party

To all who assisted, offered their help and their precious jewels (the recipes), many, many thanks. The party was a great success and the food was the star of the show.

The menu consisted of:

New potatoes with crème fraiche and caviar
Asparagus wrapped with proscuitto
Salami crisps with sour cream and fresh basil
Dates stuffed with pecans and goat cheese wrapped with bacon
Antipasto on a skewer - marinated mushrooms, pearl onions, olives and muenster cheese
Meatballs with Thai chili sauce and in a red wine sauce
Green olives stuffed with pimento and goat cheese
Blue cheese mixed with chopped pecans on a cracker and halved grapes on top
Fresh fruit with a fruit dipping sauce
Mini chicken quasadias with roasted red peppers and cheese
Bruschetta – traditional style
Carraba’s Dipping sauce with baguette slices
Various little tid-bits such as cashews and marinated artichoke hearts, etc.
And a Sangria that my daughters said was way too much (and no one would drink that much) but ended up with the punch bowl empty

Again, the party was a huge success and many, many, many thanks.


Wow! Sounds like quite the party. I really like your menu. Great variety! Glad everything was a success and thanks for keeping us informed. :smiley:

This has been a tiring week (and it’s not over, yet) and I forgot to mention the rest of the menu. I wrote the menu when I was half asleep, so here is the rest…

Seared Shrimp in endive with parsley sauce
Blue de Bresse (grapes wrapped in cheeses and then rolled in pistachios)
Cherry tomatoes stuffed with Spanish olive tapenade
Smoked salmon and cucumber rolls
Cheese and rosemary breadsticks
Bloody Mary pops (grape tomatoes mascerated in vodka on a bed of rock salt)

Again, many, many thanks.


:shock: omigod.

how long did it take you to make all that stuff!!

i’m in awe.

My two daughters and one son-in-law and one grandson were the best helpers. We started on the day before the party and finished on the day of the party. Everything went smoothly and I managed to take a shower and dress 45 minutes before guests were expected. We had a ball doing this as my oldest daughter and her husband were visiting from Pennsylvania (I’m in metro Atlanta, GA). It is something I wouldn’t want to do every week (or month).

I had the greatest compliments from our guests which made it all worth while.

Everyone should try it at least once and then take a two week vacation to the best place you can (LOL).


You throw one heck of a party. When’s the next one??? Glad you had fun after all that hard work. Now take a deep breath and relax until next time!!!