Are Non-stick pans bad for your health?

I recently read an article that said non stick pans can be toxic :frowning: . If your non stick pan’s surface is peeling, you should discard it right away.

Has anyone else heard this?

I heard that the chemical that makes it non stick is actually deadly. Most of those pans say don’t cook in the presence of pet birds using these pans because they’ll die.

Has anyone else heard the same?

Have you seen the Cook’s Essentials line of non-stick cookware and bakeware demonstrated on QVC? I don’t have many pieces yet, but I love what I’ve got. When my current pieces wear out, I’ll be replacing them with C.E. from QVC. They’re guaranteed for life and you can use metal untensils with them. Ãœ

I have had the experience of non stick coatings peeling off of George Foreman grills by Stalton. I first noted bits of black on food that should not have had grill char. The company replaced one grill. The replacement also shed some of its coating. I have since scraped off as much coating as I can with a wire brush and steel wool and continue to use the grill. If the coating material stands up to repeated heating at grill temperatures, I cannot imagine that it would be toxic to injest . . . just annoying.
73, JET

I have used teflon for years and now have QVC"s pots and pans and the George forman I have had parrots and still have one,have them near the kitchen, never had a problem with one dieing .I have heard that too, maybe I have been lucky,but have done it for 15 years

I have been using T fal for a number of years now and think they are the best .there is not much cleaning after you cook something ,just what i like low maintanence,i wouldnt use anything else,

I have parrots and so am wary of non-stick pans. I know people who have lost parrots by using non-stick pans.

The fumes from them are fatal.

I do not use any non-stick products. I figure that if they are fatal to parrots (with their lower-than-ours body mass) then they cannot be healthy to us. There is also no evidence that the chemicals that non-stick products add to the food do not accumulate in our bodies.

Botttom line for me: Use NO non-stick.

We’d all be dead if this was altogether true. It’s only true if you let the pot/pan burn…the teflon is poisonous when burnt

I have parrots and in fact one for 31 years…no problems with any of that non stick pan business :

I also have tried QVC’s Cooks’ essentials and it is better than what I used to think was so great from HSN’s Ultrex brand, which looks identical. But Ultrex does seem to peel, I have had a few pieces that peeled pretty bad, the customer service people from Ultrex aren’t the nicest either. I tell people and family about QVC, I do trust their cookware and products, I have never had a problem with them in all the years I have ordered from them.

I don’t if the pans are dangerous to birds under normal cooking,but I heared on the news awhile back that if burned unatended on the stove they can be toxic to humans.

I am from Texas and we are supposed to be the hicks! Keep on tryin’.

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