Bread and Roll Tips

Bread and Roll Tips:

  • Keep bread fresh longer by placing a rib of celery in the bread bag.

  • For quick and easy garlic breadsticks, split a hot dog bun down the
    middle and cut each half lengthwise. Butter each strip; sprinkle with
    garlic salt or garlic powder. Place on a cookie sheet and bake or
    broil until toasted.

  • To butter many slices of bread quickly and evenly, heat the butter
    until soft, then “paint” it on with a flat pastry brush.

  • To thaw frozen bread and rolls, place in a brown paper bag and put
    into a 325F oven for 5 minutes to thaw completely.

  • Place aluminum foil under the napkin in your roll basket and the
    rolls will stay hot longer.

  • Yeast breads are more moist when made with potato water (water in
    which you have boiled potatoes) than when made with other liquids.
    The potato water keeps the bread fresh longer and gives it a
    slightly greater volume, but coarser texture.

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