This will make a large amount of chill.
3 hrs
5lbs -gound meat
4- cans whole tomatoes
4- cans roma tomatoes
2- cans tomatoe paste
3- large oinions
3- cloves of gralice (dice very fine)
4pks of old el paso chill seasoning
Brownd the ground meat and wash it of und cold water to get all the oil out of it then, put in a large pot and put all the ingredints in and keep the heat at heat till it start to bubbles keep stiring it around for two min. then turn down to simmer and keep a eye on it for the next three hrs, so it does not bur keep striring it all the ways threw the cooking time. best the next day or two. Sever with nice Hot Buns Sean Poole

4- Cans Kideny Beans without the juice