Convection Oven

I recieved a new range for Christmas. The oven has the speed bake option (convection). I am in need of the conversion for using the convection option instead of the regular oven. Thanks in advance.

I had a convection oven for years. The only difference was the fact that foods cooked/baked faster than in a regular oven. I used the same recipes, oven temps - but just less cooking time.

I rec’d a microwave, convection & 1/2 time oven combo for my birthday this year. The only difference in using the convection mode and a regular oven is like Kitchen Witch said, it takes less time. You can use your regular recipe but start with half to three quarters of the time and gradually increase. Also, it does a really great job for breads, cakes, pies, desserts, and vegetables but I don’t think it does justice to meat. Just my personal opinion). But for convenience, you can’t beat it.

Pat -

I agree with you on the meat part. Unless you are making a meatloaf smothered in sauce/gravy. Most good cuts of meat do better in a regular oven and cooked for a longer period of time. After saucing chicken wings, I would place them in the covection oven - that was good - but not a good roast.

Kitchen Witch