Cooked Cabbage and Noodles

Cooked Cabbage and Noodles H.J.'s

3/4 head of cabbage…shredded
1 large onion …chopped largely
Butter and some olive oil …equal amounts…enough to cook with
salt - pepper-garlic powder to taste
8 oz. your favorite wide noodle…cooked al dante
1/2 cup or more grated Romano Cheese
dash of cayenne pepper…optional

In a large skillet … add: butter and olive oil heat pan lightly

Add the shredded cabbage- chopped large onions- salt-pepper-garlic powder cook over low heat till tender… turning often …don’t burn or overcook this.

Prepare noodles in a pot with salt and a drab of butter oil in the cooking water. Let water come to a rolling boil and cook noodles till
“al dante” rinse well and drain the noodles

Add to the above skillet more, butter only - salt -pepper little more garlic powder … very light dash of cayenne pepper is optional
Add all the grated Romano Cheese mix well and serve.

This is easy filling and very flavorful dish. Easy and fast.

I serve with pork chops on the side. hj :wink:

Love your recipies…TNT with suggestions…Thanks so much… cowgirl

IF I can help anyone out by suggestions with what to serve I sure will.

One can be creative once a basic idea is in place by with this recipe
one can add some fresh vegetables right into the noodles and cabbage… this one I might even add a 1/2 of a small yellow summer squash sliced thin and add at the last few minutes of cooking. like almost steamed. Will add color and another veggie. hj