Easy Poppyseed Cake

This recipe is very simple.

1 Box Butter Recipe Cake Mix- Betty Crocker/Any
1 Box Instant Pudding Mix – Any Flavor
3 T. Poppy Seeds
1-2 tsp. Imitation Flavoring

Dump Cake Mix, Pudding Mix into a med. size glass bowl.
Follow directions for Cake Mix. Stir in Poppy Seeds, of a flavoring…
Grease and Flour Bundt Pan, and cook as directed.
Sweat when done, and drizzle with a glaze if desired…
I like to put some of the flavoring— whatever i used-- in the glaze :slight_smile:

I have done
Cheesecake pudding, with Almond Extract
Coconut Cream with Coconut Flavoring
Vanilla with Orange Flavoring
French Vanilla with Vanilla/Coconut

Basically anything you think would be good.