food storage

:?: For christmas I am making gifts from the kitchen I bought a bunch of mason jars and spray painted the lids~ :? Is it safe to put the recipe ingredients into the jars with the lids spray painted :?: :?: :?: PLEASE HELP!! I DON’T HAVE ALOT OF TIME LEFT BEFORE CHRISTMAS :? :?

Did you spray paint the inside or just the part of the lid facing out? If you just did the part facing out you should be ok.As long as these are items that are not preserved or canned. Make sure no paint is coming into contact with your food product.
When using jars that im not preserving in I buy the screw on plastic lids. Then cover with a small piece of fabric and a bow…So no worries and no scratching of the paint
Hope this helps.

Cathy -

I would not use a spray painted lid for a jar that is holding edible items. I prefer the material/ribbon “covers” for the jars. In all honesty - I hope you purchase new lids and caps.

You need to be careful of lead in paints - as well as other toxins that are present.

Before I make any jarred gifts - I use new jars. lids and caps and I sterilize the jars, lids and caps. Although it may be a little more time consuming to cut out fabric circles and tie them on with ribbons - it does add a nice personal touch.

I have a strong background in food service, etc. and I am very fussy.

Even though the following has nothing to do with your post - I would like to remind those that would be interested - nail polish (regular polish you use on your nails) has at least 14 different toxins in it - and whatever is used at nail salons to paint fake nails - not including the toxins in the fake nails and the nail fungus they cause - has even more toxins in it! For that reason - I do not believe in nailpolish - because I have to cook and/or bake everyday and I do not want those that are eating anything I have prepared subject to any toxins.

The women cooks and chefs in our family may not have glamorous hands - but they are hard-working hands that are constantly in water and we know that we are not exposing anyone to any unnecessary toxins.

Yes - the choice is yours - but I hope you buy new caps and lids.

Kitchen Witch

I have to agree with Kitchen Witch. I know i have a lot of craft-kitchen books where they do paint the lids…but i wouldnt do it either. You may be ok to do it but why take that risk.
Another thought is the lids with the designs on them they sell. I know I have them with Christmas Themes…strawberrys…grapes…ect. If you check a store like wal-mart you may find these and on sale even.
Another thought…check web sites to make homemade labels that you can use.

I agree with this to. I use to work in food service back in the kitchen ehere we had to do every thing. And that is one thing they arways talked about in the food classes you had to go to every year.

I agree with everything said here. BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY!!!
You really do need to use something else. Although the paint may not have lead in it, it still is not considered food safe unless specifically stated on the paint container itself. You may want to go back and read the paint precautions just to make sure. A good rule of thumb: WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT!!!