from an email

Maybe this is why some people dont want to research their ancestors…lol

  1. I trace my family history so I will have someone to blame. There is no way I got this way by myself.

  2. I wonder if my first cousin, once removed, will ever return. Them Davis women must have been beautiful because the old men loved to marry first and second cousins

If they had just been more creative in naming them. All those Nancy Janes and Davids gave me fits.

  1. Why is it easier to win a lotterty than find lost relatives?

  2. Sometimes I wonder do I really want ancestors. At least have not found any pirates in the lot…yet.

  3. Maybe genealogy is when I confuse my dead ancestors while irritating the living

  4. One problem is that every family tree has a sap in it.

  5. My friends come and go but relatives seem to accumulate

  6. The strange thing is the haystack has is full of needles but its the strings I miss

  7. I honestly believe in heridity until my grandchildren act like fools There had to be too many sea going ancestors in my family so I blame my love of the sea on them.

  8. It is strange to find my family tree with so many branches but no blooms

  9. Oh well, after all there is a theory of relativity because if we go back far enough we are all related.

  10. One problem I have is why so many of the women were so bull headed. Jane got kicked out of the Methodist because she talked to Presbyterians. Eliza loved to dance so much she got kicke out of the Baptist. Isabella loved her bootleg whiskey more than she did her Presbyterian church even if her son was the head Deacon.

  11. But at least I have an excuse for everything I do that is immoral, fatteniing or unconstutional …