Do you remember grandmother’s/mother’s aprons?

Always big, they were, and there uses myriad. Besides, the foremost purpose, the protection of the dress underneath, it was a holder of removing pots and pans from the oven, it was wonderful for drying children’s tears and, yes, even for wiping small noses and shooing flies.

From the hen house it carried eggs, fuzzy chicks, ducklings or goslings - sometimes half-hatched eggs to be finished in the warming oven. It’s folds provided an ideal hiding place for shy children and when guests lingered on chilly days, the apron was wrapped around mother’s arms.

Innumerable times it wiped a perspiring brow bent over a hot wood burning stove. Chips and kindling came to the kitchen stove in the ample garment, as did fresh peas and string beans from the garden - often they were podded and stemmed in the lap of the apron covered. Windfall apples, kindling chips and corn cobs were gathered in it, and wild flowers.

Chairs were hastily dusted with its corners when unexpected company was sighted. Waving it aloft was as good as a dinner bell to call the men from the fields. Big they were. Yes, and useful. Now - I’m wondering - will any modern, frilled plastic apron provoke such nostalgic memories?

Hi Kitchen Witch ,
It really brought back some wonderful memories . It dont seem like that long ago when i was a child and spent time with my grandmother and her always having her apron on which only meant good things . As it seems like she was always in it making fresh bread and rolls donuts and molasses cookies and let me not forget all the biscuits and homemade candy. It is hard to believe that was over 25 years ago. I treasure those loving moments with her and thank-you for reminding me of my beloved grandmother. Sky

Sky -

Those were the days!

This may sound silly - but I am still very old-fashioned. I learned at the age of 4 how to make (hand sew) my own aprons. Still today - I love my aprons. And I love making them. The wonderful memories I have - have given me a way of life that many will always remember me by.

My kitchen is the heart of my home. It is always filled with love, kindness and generousity. That is where we laugh, cry and share much more than just cooking and eating. I will be moving in a few months - and my house will be built around my kitchen. And I will make new aprons for it as well.
I believe in many of the old ways - I always will. I am an “adopted” grandma and I will make sure that they have memories like I have.

PS- You’re quite welcomed for remembering the best days of your life. That is how I see those days. That is how this “adopted” grandma wants her lovvies to remember her also.

Kitchen Witch,
My gram had the same moto everyone always in the kitchen while she was cooking and stories that were told around the table and the smell of stuff baking and cant wait until she pulled a fresh donut from the fryer or hot rolls coming from the oven.
You may of came across a great idea as i know you could prob sell those aprons to people nothing like the new ones like you said they have big old pockets lets not forget the little ric- rac around the edges .
Your adopted grandchildren are so very lucky what wonderful memories they will have to treasure. I am sure your kitchen old and new will be full of love and laughter. It always amazes me how people cook with feelings and not measurements , i always asked for my grams recipes but they were always a guess as she never measured anything and not matter how much i tried never tasted as good. maybe it was just made from her loving hands that made it that much better.
Good luck in your new home may it be as blessed as our memories are .

Thank you Sky -

I am also guilty of not measuring.

At the age of 3 I was taught how to make homemade macaroni by my gram. You learned with the eye and the touch. As long as I live - I will never forget that day. Mom taught me how to make bread - same way…“okay Baby - stand on the chair - you need to start cooking and baking…”

I needed an apron at an early age!

Want to know what is really strange??? I make curtains also. I have made aprons that match curtains in my kitchen (or there is lace that matches or a trim that matches) and I have even embroidered or crocheted edges to make them (and on my dish towels or potholders or tablecloths) match. I wonder if I need a life??? All joking aside - I love that stuff. This is a rough holiday season for me because so much of my things are packed to move and I always make sure my kitchen has a “seasonal” and holiday look.

I am the “silly” grandmother. But I am also the one they want to be with all the time and the one who gets all the hugs and kisses! I retired (forced retirement) 3 years ago and I am finally enjoying more and more of my kitchen without the daily pressure of having to go to work! And as you can see - I can devote myself to my recipes and cookbooks more too.

It’s never too late to start a tradition. No matter how small. Become that “special” person to someone. It the best thing you can do!