Guess What the Surprise Announcement is Next Week?

Guess What the Surprise Announcement is Next Week?

Now can anyone out there tell me what it is???

It’s a secret - and only one person knows what it is - and I am dying to find out what it is!!!

Curiosity killed the cat!!!

Tell me - PLEASE!!


What do you think it is???

Kitchen Witch

A surprise announcement from who? Iam new here so not real sure what is going on.

Hey KW, whats the big announcement that was coming this week?

Brackman, you’re late to the party. Don’t you get the weekly newsletter? If not sign up for free on the homepage

The news was about a new service that I’m launching. For details go to:



I have only been here a few weeks, didnt know, sorry.

Brackman -

Sorry I missed your post!

As Ron has already said - it’s for the new sister site that will be coming soon. It won’t interfer with RSN at all or change it in any way - we will still be sharing and enjoying recipes, tips, etc.

This site can be overwhelming - it has a lot to offer!

No need to apologize for anything - we all miss things!

Kitchen Witch

No need to apologize. Didn’t mean to sound condescending.

Oh no problem, there is just so much on this great site I have not gotten to the newsletter yet, (too busy preparing all these wonderful recipes) :smiley:

Brackman -

I am glad you enjoy this site. Really try to make sure you are signed up for the newsletter and also - sign up for the recipe of the day. I think you will like that too!

Kitchen Witch