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Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 05:16:35 -0000
Subject: [e Navy] Several pen pal requests

requests: 1 or 2 bowls of tupperware
21 yrs old from Fresno CA
*Contact address will be given upon request via email

ABH3 Gilmore, Aaron
*seeks pen pals and epals
*contact and email will be given upon request via email

PS- it would be great to have a pen pal so that I can know what is
happening in the states, besides always watching the negative image
broadcasted by the media. As far as care packages, I really miss
going to the candy stores in the mall and buying GOURMET JELLY
BEANS. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can taste them now!! Hmmmmmmm… :slight_smile:
*Contact address will be given upon request via email

Jack Franks
CV-63 USS Kitty Hawk
I like video games. I have a Playstation portable and I do not have
many games for it. If it is not a problem, I would like to have a
car game for it. Wow, this feels like writing to Santa when I was a
child. It is almost embarrassing. J I cannot begin to explain how
much I appreciate your support for not only myself, but for my
shipmates. If there is any way you can send a package with things I
can distribute to my 15 guys who work with me, that would be so
great. Some of these guys like myself, do not have anyone who writes
or sends them things, and I think it would be a good gesture for me
to be able to hand out some things to all of my guys, and girl.
Thank you and God Bless you.

*Contact address will only be given to those who request it via

Robert Richardson
As for what to put into care packages, candy bars, sweets, (pringles
and cheez-its are also great)
and the such. However please do not send any baked goods as we are
only allowed to accept those from people we actually know.
*Contact address will be given to those who request it via email

ACAA Menchaca, James
USS KittyHawk
I am an air traffic controller on the
ship. I’m not sure if you make the care packages or ir
you ask us what we want, but just to let you know what a lot of us
like on the boat are items like, candy, toothbrushes, black and
white socks, stuffed animals (believe it or not), pillows, pictures,
letters, puzzle books, notebooks to write letters, envelopes,
stamps, pens, calendars and any other little toys that symbolize
what season of the month it is. Just so you know, I wasn’t asking
for all of this stuff, but just helping you get an insight to what
we like overseas.
*Contact address will only be given to those who request it via

Philip Brousseau
I would love to get a care package for the guys. The best
thing for being out here are books. Mostly horror in my shop but
anything would be great. We all read a lot when we are out to sea

Curtis E. Gibson
*Contact address will only be given to those who request it via

How do you contact them?

horselover -

Unfortunately - I copy/pasted the notice as I had gotten it.

There must be a way to contact the U.S. Navy and ask for details about the USS Kitty Hawk - and mention the email.

There must be someone there that can help further.

Kitchen Witch

Below is an address to contact the CO of the ship:

Official postal mailing address:

Commanding Officer
USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)
FPO AP 96634-2770

Hope this helps.

I also located this:

Conventional Mail:

Sailor’s Name and Rank
Sailor’s Department / Division
FPO AP 96634-2770

Note: while having the complete rank, name and division on conventional mail will speed delivery, it is still possible to get mail to a Sailor with only the first and last name, USS KITTY HAWK (CV 63), FPO AP 96634-2770.

Electronic Mail:

Department of Defense website regulations forbid the release of individual email addresses, either on a website or via email through direct inquiry.
If you know a Sailor’s first and last name, you have a reasonable chance of reaching them by using the formula lastnamefirstinitial@kitty-hawk.navy.mil. So for example, a Hawk Sailor named Joe Smith would likely have the email address smithj@kitty-hawk.navy.mil. You should also try using their firstname.lastname@kitty-hawk.navy.mil.

If the above formulas do not work for the Sailor you wish to contact, please send conventional mail to obtain it from the Sailor in question.


I found a couple sites that might be helpful.




I also went to www.usps.com and they said that they no longer send care packages to, for example — to “any soldier”.

And www.military.com is another good site.