Keep Portions Sensible (Heart Health)

Keep Portions Sensible (Heart Health)

It’s very easy to “eat with your eyes” and misjudge the size of a single serving. Misjudging portion size can quickly lead to unwanted pounds, and this is especially true when you eat out because restaurant portion sizes have been steadily expanding over the last few decades. To keep portion sizes sensible:

When eating out, choose small portions, share an entrée with a friend, or take some of the food home (if you can chill it right away).
Check a product’s Nutrition Facts label to learn how much food is considered a serving and how many calories and fat grams are in the item.

Be especially careful to limit portion sizes of high-calorie foods such as cookies, cakes, and other sweets, and French fries and oils.

By keeping an eye on your portions, you can reduce the risk of gaining excess weight. It’s a simple way to stay healthy — and can help avoid the health risks that come with extra pounds.

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