Let's Be Thankful

Even though I clutch my blanket and groan when the alarm rings each morning, thank you lord that I can hear, there are many who can’t.

Even though I keep my eyes closed tightly against the morning light as long as I can, thank you Lord that I can see.

Even though I huddle in my bed and put off the physical effort of rising , thank you Lord that I have the strength, there are many who are bedfast.

Even though the first hours of the day are hectic when socks are lost and toast is burned thank you Lord for those children to get off to school, there are those who are childless.

Even though I sometimes maintain a martyred silence when I should speak, and spout forth when I should remain silent, thank you Lord for the gift of speech, because there are those who are mute.

Even though our breakfast table never looks like those in the ladie’s magazines, and the menu is somewhat unbalanced, thank you Lord for the food we have, there are many who are hungry.

Even though we forget morning prayers, thank you, Lord that you do not forget to protect us during the day and night and thank you Lord for the faith we have , many know nothing about faith.

Even though my spouse complains that I don’t listen to his words and he pays no attention to my wise instructions, thank you Lord that we have each other. We know many who have no one.

Even though I seldom take the time to write thank you, Lord, for good neighbors and relatives and also for brothers and sisters in Christ. There are those who are not so fortunate.

Even though I don’t always approve of the way our country is run, thank you Lord that I live in the greatest nation on earth.

Even though I grumble and gripe and bemoan my fate day to day and wish my modest circumstances were not so modest, thank you Lord , for the gift of life. Help me to improve my manners and show I am grateful!

And let us be Thankful for our Native American brothers and sisters,
without them we would not be having this day of thanks!