My favorite Recipe

A lady gave me this recipe years ago and all my family and friends ask me to make this for any occassion.

Make either a chocolate or Butter Pecan cake mix as directed in a 9 x 9 pan
While it is still hot poke holes with a wooden spoon in cake.

pour over the cake i can of butterscotch icecream topping. Let cool

crush the followingin a plastic bag or blender

Crispy crunch
M & M’s
any kind of choc you like

pour crushed choc bars over cake
cover with Cool Whip and serve

Just to make sure, the candy crushed at the end do you use one type or all that is listed?. Not sure if those were just different options or to use them all.

Thanks sounds great can’t wait to try it no matter what goes on top.

Donna :slight_smile: