Hi everyone…

Just a quick note to let you know that we have a new forum underway. It’s called Just Desserts, and it’s design and intent is to centralize all those great “sweet tooth” recipes. Aline and I will be your host moderators, and we encourage to to stop by and cruise all of the delectable dessert recipe posts. We’ve created several threads, so be sure to post up your dessert favorite for all to enjoy! See yah there!

Aline & B-man :wink:

Aline & B-man:

I’m so glad to see you doing this. I think this is a wonderful idea. I’m headed there now to make my first post. I really appeciate the time and effort that eveyone puts into this site. I recommend it to everyone that I come in contact with. Keep up the good work gang.

BetK :wink:

Hi Betk! I’m glad that you’re glad about this…hehehe :lol: We thought that the dessert topics needed to be more organized for easier access to specific dessert recipes. B-man and I encourage ANYONE to share their opinions and/or suggestions regarding this new forum. Happy posting! :smiley:

Dessert Forum

What a simply scrumptious idea! It is positively unfair that my whole family loves desserts but I am the only one who has to watch what I eat. Oh well, I love to make them almost as much as to eat them. Gonna zip over to the new forum and see what’s happening. Maybe post a recipe or two or three or…

Thanks Pat… I have to be careful as well. And thanks for the positive comment and for wanting to add the the forum threads! Right on. Anyone one else?

B-man :wink:

you bet! Sounds absolutly wonderful. I’ll be checking it out. Great idea guys!

Thank you for telling us about it. I’m new here as far as posting and I look forward to going to this new forum. I probably have more recipes for desserts than for anything else!!


Hi mmchummel… your a great contributor to this forum already! So I want to say THANK YOU! Regards,

Aline & B-man :wink:

Hey Margie…

Your not new…you’ve got 5 posts in! Your a veteran!!! Margie, I so much look forward to all your dessert recipes…I just know your gonna be a major player in Just Desserts! Regards,

Aline & B-man :wink: