Pork Chops, Baked Potato w/Broccoli...

Ron - this is a great idea!!!

How about what I am having tomorrow for dinner???

Pork chops - boneless, center cut - fried in olive oil, garlic cloves, salt, pepper and fresh parsley

Baked potatoes split and filled with:

Steamed broccoli, smothered in cheese sauce, with buttered bread crumbs on top (place in broiler to toast crumbs) - I like to make this in a casserole so that it can be eaten the way it is or spooned on top of baked potatoes.

Salad: my own salad mix** - romaine and leaf lettuce, carrot strips (use the veggie peeler for this), red onion, cucumber, tomato, homemade croutons - cubed rye and French bread (butter bread before cubing, and I like to leave the crust on, dip in Italian dressing and toasted in a non stick pan until done) and a dressing of olive oil, fresh squuezed lemon, basil, salt and pepper

Applesauce (which I love on pork!)

and a very easy dessert -

strawberry-banana jello with drained pineapple tidbits and banana slices

**I always have a salad mix in my fridge - I have a large tupperware bowl that is air-tight and keeps my mixes fresh for a couple days (they don’t last much longer because they get eaten!!)

mix #1 - iceberg lettuce, shredded carrot, shredded purple cabbage

mix #2 - romaine lettuce, green and/or red leaf lettuce, endive, fresh spinach

mix #3 - romaine lettuce, fresh spinach, endive, radichio

mix #4 - iceberg lettuce, boston lettuce, shredded carrot, shredded purple cabbage

those are the 4 most popular in my house - I wash my greens immediately when I get home from shopping and I use a plastic knife for cutting (or break it up with my hands) lettuces - I cannot eat the prepackaged mixes like the Dole mix or Dole spinach - there is something they are washed with that I get a reaction from

it’s very easy to make salads - just add any other veggies, etc. and your favorite salad dressing

Sounds good. What time is dinner?

and I would gladly invite you!!!

tonight’s dinner should have been DEER - or should I say - ABOUT A 14 POINT BUCK -

a buck T-boned my car last night damaging the passenger side of my car - damaging the car from one wheel well to the other - the car was covered in brown and white deer hair - the doors on the passenger side won’t open, the windows whon’t go down ------

he was a big one - and all I could do was cry - I got my first deer - Bambi’s father!

I fixed lemon pepper chicken, roasted potatoes, and sauted some baby spinich with a few fresh mushrooms, crushed garlic and a couple of pieces of bacon.