Recipe question

Hey all… Hope this is the right place to put this… have a question about a recipe I saw… I am looking to make a vegetarian stuffing this year, as my wife is a vegetarian… I found one that looks quite good while watching the Food Network… It was a recipe by Rachel Ray for Apple Stuffin’ Muffins…,,FOOD_9936_29101,00.html

My question is this… The recipe makes muffins… I would rather make a dish of these, not muffins… So, anyone have any suggestions on how to convert this? I mean, if I just dump this into an 8x8, cook at the same temp for 35-40 minutes? You think this recipe will convert into a side dish well??? Thanks in advance for any input!

Many muffin recipes are baked in a pan instead of muffin cups. It just may take a little more time - depending on the size of the pan.

You may also want to check out the post on the Recipe Exchange - there are some vegetarian stuffings posted there as well.

Kitchen Witch