ROAST LEMON/LIME/DILL CHICKEN - last nights dinner

Category: CHICKEN
Serves: 8

SOURCE	SHADOWS                                                 

6 Pound Roasting chicken
5 Small onions, sliced 1/2 inch thick
1 Large lemon, baseball size, cut in half
1 each celery rib cut into 1 inch pieces
15 Each baby carrots
1 Tblsp lime juice
3 Tblsp Poultry rub of you rchoice
1/4 Cup beer or white wine
3 Each whole kosher dill pickles, speared
salt and pepper to taste

Pre heat oven to 350f.

Prepare vegetables and place in bottom of oiled 4 quart cast iron dutchoven. Reserve 1 dill pickle spears ( one whole pickle ).

Wash and dry chicken.

Cut lemon in half and squeeze juice over chicken. Place lemon halves in chicken cavity. Place 1 dill pickle spears into cavity (one whole pickle ).
Pour lime juice over chicken and spread barbeque rub over outside of chicken.
Salt and pepper to taste.

Add beer or wine to pot.

Roast for 2.5 hours uncovered or until done. Baste often with pan juices.

Let sit for 30 minutes before slicing.