Salmon Cakes Delight

Salmon Cakes H.J.

Grind up in Bravatti Blender or any blender Has two blades
Don’t burn up the mixer or blender . . go slow. Or use the Ultimate chopper
Works very well just that the bowl is too small

Salmon from Costco About ¾ to 1lb. salmon ground up in Bravatti mixer with
If using the whole package of Salmon increase the amounts below.
½ Lemon fresh and a little grated lemon zest from the fresh lemon
1 lg. onion
2-3 lg. rib of celery
2-3 eggs or use just the egg whites but I used all
salt, pepper, lots garlic powder. dash of red crushed pepper

Grind well and salt to taste

Add the salmon last and cut in chunks before adding to blender.

Add some bread crumbs 1 slice of whole grain arrowroot bread . . .dried

Fry in grape oil and oleo with fresh lemon at the very last minute.

Don’t cook like rubber. This is so good unbelievable and don’t use the
Bread crumbs if you want to cut down on calories.

hj :wink: