This is the story of how my mother and father met. It was on our local television a few years ago -

Dad lived around the corner from mom. Being five years older than her - all he could do was watch her. He was an altar boy at church.

When mom was seven years old she made her First Holy Communion and practice was held in the church several times before the actual mass. My father fell for her immediately!

Dad ran home and told his parents that there was a beautiful blonde, with long, curly hair who made a perfect bride and he was going to marry her. Twelve years old and he knew who he was going to marry!

Of course - his parents just laughed it off. The day of the First Holy Communion, he pointed her out to his parents. For years he just kept on eye on her.

World War II broke out - and dad’s brothers had enlisted in the service. Dad followed right behind them. Before he left, he gave his parents strict instructions to keep an eye on the girl he was going to marry. Every letter he wrote home was always the same - is that beautiful blonde still there? I am going to marry her when I get out.

Four years later dad was discharged from the Navy. First day home he went looking for his future wife. He went straight to my grandmother and asked permission to take mom out. Of course - gram said NO! He was five years older than her.

So dad started to “stalk” mom. Every time she left the house - he was there to walk with her. When she finished high school and went to work, he walked her to and from the bus stop. If she went to the corner store, he had to walk with her.

Finally gram said he could see her - once a week for just an hour or two.

Dad took mom to the show on their first date and proposed to her. She refused. He proposed again. She said no. He proposed again. Since she couldn’t get rid of him - she said yes. She always said she had no choice - he was so persistent and even told her that he WAS going to marry her whether she wanted to get married or not!!!

They had a wonderful marriage - he was the only man she ever dated. Dad passed 16 years ago - but he still lives on in her heart.

A friend and I had both been in bad relationships for the past several months. So we decided , who needs men anyway two friends could have fun without them so we decided that Sat. night we would have a girls night out. We decided to go out to eat and go shopping but when the time came for us to meet I waited and waited and finally she shows up, with a guy! She explained to me she had had a major crush on this guy since high school and she had run into him on her way to meet me and he wanted to go out. I said ok you go ahead and go out with him and I will just go shop by myself and this guy who I have never met says no and insists I come with them. We went to a bar and since I am not a drinker I was starting to wish I had never gone. This guy comes up to me and says Honey you need to dance, I know just about every guy here just pick you out one and I’ll bring him over. The two step was just starting to get popular and I see this really good looking guy out on the floor doing the 2 step with another girl and I say thinking he was probably taken , I’ll take him if he will teach me how to 2 step and this guy says ,he’s one of my buddies from work Ill bring him right over. Well to make a long story short we found out we had a lot in common especially horses so the night I swore off men I found the one I would spend the rest of my life with. So a combination of 4 kids 2 grandkids 2 (4 legged kids) and many dances and horseshows we have been together for 25 years!

I grew up outside of flint Mi in the 80s. Not too much to do in Flint but they did have a IHL hockey team.
One night my best friend went to a game, yes i had on acid washed jeans and the biggest hair you have seen.
Im the stands I had there was the best loking guy i had seen. I told my best friend"Im going to marry that guy and have his kids".Now he did have 2 black eye’s…that should have been my first clue he was a hockey player. He had been injured in a NHL training camp and was down in flint for treatment.We met that night and hit it off.
He had to leave back for canada the next day, I saw him for one weekend before he left to play in Germany. He flew me to germany for a visit, the next yr we were married and lived there…that was 16 yrs ago. WE als have had 3 kids!!


My romance story is not mine…lol but my great-grandparents. My great-grandpa Monahan had studied to be a priest in Ireland but changed his mind and came to the Americas by way of Canada. I’m not sure why he left Canada but he took off on horseback (probably the only means available back then) to Missouri. He said there was one time he had to hide in a revene almost all day because Indians were passing by and he was sure to be killed. He thought they were magnificent looking people. He said he had to hold his horses head down so it would not react to the other animals. Well, back to the romance when he got to Kansas City he stayed at a boarding house where my future great-grandmother worked for her aunt. It was pretty much live at first sight. He was almost forty and she was eighteen. She said he was the most handsome man she had ever seen on horseback and he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever meet. He had black hair and blue eyes and she had alburn hair and violet blue eyes. I’m sure the were a handsome couple inspite of the age difference. They were married just a few weeks after they met and had eight children. When she died after childbirth complications with their last child, he said with tears in his eyes “I’ve lost everything a man could lose”. They were apparently very much in love all of their lives. Dainty Dish

I was a Junior in college I met him at a party he was older (16) years divorced no children on our 3rd date he told me he was going to marry me I laughed like a crazy woman my Senior year he was great he smiled when I would talk about teaching or going to Europe , I graduated on May 22 and we were married 28 years ago last June , we moved to a small house in the mountains, we wanted to adopt so we paid off our house in 2 years he started building on we got our boys went they were 24 months and 7 weeks ( the Father killed their Mother ) they never were availble for adoption but we keep them they are 23 and 26 both work for my husband and they live in houses on our 60 acres we have 3 natural children for a total of 5 we have 3 grandchildren
I have moved once in life from Daddy house to our house he my rock my harbor and my best friend and he still takes me out on a date and he still smiles across the room we renewed our vows 3 years ago and he keeps telling me we going fore at least 75 years I am blessed.