The Best! (and easiest) cheese sauce you'll ever have

The Best! (and easiest) cheese sauce you’ll ever have

I needed a sauce that was easy, and stayed “liquidy”, especially upon reheating. Most cheese sauces with a roux or flour based thickener tend to separate upon reheating. As a certified cheese fanatic, here is a great cheese sauce that’s quick to make, and has endless uses!

1 LB Mexican Velveeta cheese (they have hot or mild, I prefer the hot)
1 16 oz jar Ragu Double Cheddar Cheese sauce
1 16 oz jar Roasted Garlic Alfredo Sauce
1 18 oz package (24 slices) processed cheese
1 10 oz can evaporated milk

Simply place all of the ingredients into a crock pot and heat over low heat until melted, and stir to combine. You can speed up the process by placing your crock on high for the first hour, stir, and reduce to low heat for the remainder of the time. I use this sauce over my chili dogs. It is also great over chicken, rice, nachos, or anything you like cheese sauce on. You can substitute regualr velveeta for the mexican if you want to go without the mexican flavor, or you can go the opposite route and thin the cheese sauce a bit before serving with some juice from a jar of sliced jalapenos for some more kick. If the sauce is too thick for you, simply thin with a bit of water. Enjoy!

B-man :smiley: