To Make Noyeau Equal to Martinique 1861

Blanch and slice very thin three ounces of suet, and the same of bitter almonds, put them into two quarts of whiskey. In four days after, dissolve forty ounces of lump sugar in one quart of water, add that and the thin cut rind of one lemon to the whiskey and almonds. Shake it every day for three weeks, then strain it through muslin, and filter it through whited-brown paper. Of course, the longer it keeps, the stronger and better it becomes.

Curacoa (Liqueur) 1861

Boil a quart of water in a very clean stewpan; add to it, bit by bit, a pound of dark brown sugar-candy. When the whole is dissolved, boil up the syrup, then pour it into a deep dish to cool. into a quart of spirits of wine put one hundred and twenty drops of oil of bitter orange; when this latter is dissolved, mix it with the syrup before mentioned, but not until it is cool; then filter and bottle the liquor, and put it by for use.

Queen’s Ginger Beer 1861

Put twelve pounds of loaf sugar and eight ounces of the best white ginger, well pounded, to ten gallons of water. Boil together for half an hour, then put into a tub or large pan. When cool, add three or four spoonfuls of good yeast, and let it work all night; on the following morning put it into a cask. When it has done working, which will be in three or four days, add one ounce of isinglass, one ounce and a half of hops, and stop it up. It will be fit for use in a month, and may be drunk without bottling.