Are "Low carb" diets really worth it?

Has anyone tried the new low carb diet? Does it work? Is there a good article about it I can read?

Thanks in advance

I submitted an opinion regarding Adkins diet the 2nd of April and have tried it fir one week it was awful! Then went back to my usual cutting some calories and eating a balanced diet. Well, good news, after only a few days I have lost two and one half pounds. I only need to drop another 2-3 pounds to be an my very best. I should mention that there is a very brief test one should take regarding the Adkins way or cutting calories and I am definately best suited for the calorie cutting diet where some people woule respond to the Adkins diet.

But they’re not for everyone. I think that it depends on your needs. For example, very active people need more carbs to generate the energy they need. So I think you have to evaluate it based on your situation. Low carb diets do make sense for people with certain kinds of health problems however, because they help to control the condition. Diabetes, for example. :slight_smile: