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When I go out I always drink Chevas Regal Scotch and Water. I guarntee you won’t wake up with a hangover. It isn’t full of caloriues or carbs either.

My 2 fave drinks…

  1. A Bounty - Chocolate milk & Malibu

  2. Madori Splice - Melon liquor, Malibu, pineapple juice in a shaker add cream and shake, serve over ice!

Both are delish!

Cheers 8)

Lainz :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually my drink order will be beer or wine, however, when in the mood for something different I’ll order a Mohito. Consists of Lime, Mint leaves and sugar pressed together in the glass, add light rum and a splash of tonic. Different and quite good.

when i go out and i am not in the mood for beer i get a toated almond. Cream (or milk) with Kalua and Amareto. it has that cherry chocolate taste that is the greatest without making you stupid by the end of the night. :wink:

When I go out, the after dinner drink I prefer is a frozen Brandy Alexander. (1) shot of brandy, (1) shot of Cream de Coco, ice cream with a little milk, blended and poured into a flouted glass drizzled with hershey syrup. Desert in a glass.