Ham 'n Bean Soup

Ham 'n Bean Soup… today’s version was SO good, surprized even myself

1 bag white Beans or an assortment of dry beans
wash, rinse, cover with water and about 1/2 tsp baking soda … soak overnite

Drain beans and spread onto 2 cookie sheets to sprout,
place in a warm spot like a pilot lit over, usually about 3 hours…
sprouting on the cookie sheet rather than tummy, reduces gas !!

To a large Dutch Oven or pot add the following:

1 meaty Ham bone
the sprouted beans
1 med oninon diced
1 Tbs Chicken Boullion(dissolved in hot water)
1 small bay leaf (easy does it here, remove after it kicks in)
pinch of garlic
water to cover
1 envelope Onion Soup mix
1 tsp liquid smoke
1 tsp sugar
seasoning salt to taste

bring slowly to boil, reduce heat, cover loosely and simmer about 2 hrs.
in the meantime, prepare the veggies, chop fine…1/4 inch chuncks

3 stalks celery
4 med. carrots
1 Tbs bacon fat or butter
2 cups milk

Saute veggies in butter til almost tender, add the milk and heat thru
and add to the bean pot…return the pot to simmer and cook til all is tender, about 1/2 hr…

Note: for thicker soup, mash some of the beans…really works
PS… this makes a really big pot of soup, I find the best way to store it in my small fridge is in an Oval pitcher… got mine for a dollar at the dollar store … Cowgirl