How to blanch almonds?

I keep coming across recipes for blanched almonds but the almonds I have have just come from the farm. So, how do I blanch the almonds?


Here’s how to blanch your own almonds.

  1. Place shelled almonds in a saucepan.

  2. Cover with cold water.

  3. Turn burner to high.

  4. Once water boils, remove from heat.

  5. Drain and cover almonds with cold water to cool.

  6. Press each almond between thumb and forefinger to slip off skin.

  7. Dry almonds on paper towels.

  8. Be sure not to continuously boil almonds.

  9. Almonds are slippery once blanched.

To remove skins from almonds or filberts (hazelnuts) -

save on the old fingers - place the nuts in a clean dish towel and rub the skins off. What’s a messy dish towel??? This way it’s faster and easier.

Kitchen Witch