Rasberry-Chocolate Frosting

My name is John. I am a retired pastor who still works at my old church cooking the Wednesday night dinner for 30-40 peopleand a few other things because retirement is boring. I really don’t know much about cooking. I just experiment with whatever tastes good to me and have fun doing it. Everyone says the meals are good so I guess I am learning by doing.

Anyway, Can anyone help me with a recipe for Raspberry- Chocolate Frosting. My next new challenge is going to be baking.

Welcome aboard John!

If you use the SEARCH and type in COOKING FOR A CROWD you will find many recipes for cooking for that many people. There are also some baking recipes there. I have many more if you need them. I’ve done it too.

We have a rule here - in order to make a request - you must answer another’s post or post a recipe. Please share one of your favorites with us - and in the meantime - I will dig out my Raspberry-Chocolate recipe for you.

Kitchen Witch

OK. I hav one for Black beans and I don’t want to sound stupid but, how do I send it?

jswis -

You certainly don’t sound stupid!!! This site can be very overwhelming.

It may be easier for you right now (until you get to navigate around the site more) to post your recipe in the RECIPE EXCHANGE.

Go to Recipe Exchange, click on NEW THREAD, post your recipe and hit SUBMIT. If you run into any difficulty - just give a holler!

Kitchen Witch

Thanks for your help. I just posted a black bean recipe and this Wednesday I’m doing an experiment with a lentil, turkey sausage stew over rice that should be delicious. Looking forward the to raspbery-chocolate frosting recipe.
By the way, I like your quote about God and life.

Thank you -
please check the Recipe Exchange for your recipe - and if that is not the right one - just let me know and I will dig up more from my files.

Kitchen Witch