School Fundraising Cookbook


I’m in charge of organizing my daughter’s school fundraising cookbook. All parents are encouraged to submit recipes.

I would like to have your opinion on a title for the book. I have seen some books entitled:

What’s Cooking At *** School!
Our Favourite Recipes

I’m looking for something that has a little more pizzaz or something LOL
I would love your input. Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Aline,

How about something like “The ABC’s of Cooking, Future Chefs Cookbook, We Are What We (Learn To) Eat”?

I just rec’d a cookbook kit that we are going to do for a church project and am also looking for some catchy titles. Will look at their title & name suggestions and get back to you.

Hi Pat!

Thanks for input. I really appeciate it and love what you have come up with so far. Can’t wait to see what other titles you have to share.

Aline :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry it took so long but I’m finally done (I think) with all the Christmas shopping and decorating. The baking goes on until Christmas Eve day. Now on to other matters.
The cookbook kit wasn’t very helpful with titles (where is their creative division?). Their best one was “Grade A Recipes from XXXXX Elementary School”. Some of the others were really lame.
I have been thinking of some more. How about “Big Tastes from Small Fries, Future Culinary Geniuses, Tastebud Treats, Not Just Another (Dumb) Cookbook, Junior Creative Geniuses, Not Yo’ Mama’s Recipes, and finally, So Much Good Food - So Little Time”.
I think we are going to use “In the Kitchen, With Another Hand on Mine” for our church cookbook title.
Lots of luck with the project. If I can help you or give you any pointers, just PM me. Will be glad to see what I can do.