two favorite recipes: chicken n dumplings and bbq cntry ribs

i have two favorite recipes, but i do not have exact measurements…my mom taught me how to cook by using what you have. i will try and give an idea though.
Chicken N Dumplings:
Whole chicken…place in a pot of water to boil, season with salt,pepper, seasoned salt, and one can of chicken broth.
Once the chicken is finished cooking, remove the whole chicken from the pot and set aside to cool (i place mine in a strainer and run cold water over it). Leave the pot on the stove with the water from the chicken still boiling…if you want, you can skim off any fat from the surface.
ADD: 1 can of peas, 1 can carrots
PREPARE: Dumplings from bisquick type mix according to package directions…this is a hard one, because its one of those things i don’t know how to measure…if you are making a big pot of stew, make alot of dumplings, if you are making a small pot, make a little dumplings. : )
While the soup is boiling, add the dumpling mixture to the pot, tablespoonsful at a time…pressing them down into the water…do this till the mixture is gone…or you can’t fit anymore in the pot.
Remove chicken from the bone and skin, in about 1-2" pieces…add this to your pot, gently stirring as you go along…so as not to break up the dumplings.
Let this cook for another 10-15 minutes, watching the pot so it doesn’t boil over…gently stirring and folding the dumplings into the broth every couple of minutes.

1 bottle of your favorite bbq sauce
1 can of chicken broth
salt, pepper, meat tenderizer, seasoned salt…to taste
some people like to use a drop or two of liquid smoke, but i don’t use it
2 pounds country spare ribs
Pour bbq sauce and broth into a large roasting type pan…add seasonings and stir thoroughly. Place ribs into the sauce and coat with sauce. Cover pan with foil and place in 350 degree voen for about an hour( you could put this pan on your grill also at medium heat). After an hour, remove foil and see if the ribs are tender…if not, put the foil back on and cook for another 15-30 minutes. Once they are tender, remove the foil and some of the sauce…place back in the oven and let the ribs brown a little to your liking. We have added things like small new potatoes, carrots and celery, etc. to the broth while the ribs cook…tastes great and everything cooks in one pan.